Who we are

We are Experience :

Within our team, the common thread is an indescribable and unlimited passion for agriculture in all its splendor. With experience in complementary fields and all related to urban agriculture, including traditional bioprocessing, advanced fish farming, embedded electronics for remote process control.

We are Productivity :

With our aquaponic designs for which we have also registered a patent at the African Organization of Intellectual Property, we achieve impressive yields on small spaces. We can, for example, feed a family of 4 people for a whole year on a single parking space. We produce, within a 40-foot containers unit, 800 kg of fresh fish and 400 kg of various vegetables. We thus respond to the problems of demography on a continental scale, but also on a global scale.

We are Solutions :

Our goal is not simply to differentiate ourselves individually, but in the long term we aim to bring our solutions to other agricultural producers, so that they can better achieve themselves in a field that suits them. This is the reason why we have developed mobile units in franchise points mode within our R & D department, which can adapt to any environment.

We are Committed to relevance :

Aquapony is an area of ??activity that has been explored by a few re-enactors on the African continent, without much success. Today, we have undoubtedly brought a special touch with our adaptations, in particular the use of local materials for the assembly of our aquaponic units or the adaptation of production techniques in relation to the tropical climate. We want to build on this momentum, beyond the form, to become a team of experts with proven skills in a fast-growing environment.